There is always a selection of over 100 different types of wood in our 7000 sq. m. warehouses, which have been specially designed to cater to customer requirements. Precisely sorted quality veneers which have been subjected to strict quality control can fulfil nearly all our customers' wishes. The flexibility of our staff and their willingness to realise even the more unusual requests is very much appreciated by our customers.

Gotthilf Dieterle Furniere was founded in 1956. The location selected, Nagold in the Black Forest, had a long tradition of links to wood as a material. The fascination of veneer, especially quality burl specialities, was the subject of the company's advertising slogan as far back as 1960:
Veneers are jewels made of wood.

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Products: Over 100 varieties of veneer
Our strengths: Excellent product quality, flexibility of staff to fulfil even unusual customer requests, advice and service from specially trained personnel.
Established: 1956
Company headquarter: Germany, 72202 Nagold, Graf-Zeppelin-Str. 28
Partner: Heinz Dieterle, Jürgen Dieterle
Employees: 35